Ceramic Plates From Spain shadowbox

Ceramic Plates From Spain Shadowbox

A client of mine had just returned from a trip to Spain with her husband and brought back some lovely, hand-painted ceramic plates that she wanted me to frame in a shadowbox. I used a Fotiou 3646GO antique gold wood frame that is about 1" deep. The shadowbox is a one-piece, fold-up mat board box in Bainbridge 8426 Parakeet Green. I used ArtGlass AR Water White Anti-Reflective Glass, with the final frame size being 10 1/2 x 13 1/2. The plates are secured with small amounts of silicone adhesive. I had thought about using piano wire hooks at three or 4 points on each plate, but it looked too invasive (though it makes a better mechanical fastener and would have been the preferred method if the objects being framed were larger and heavier). This is what I did for my client:

  Spanish Plate ShadowboxSpanish Plate shadowbox detail #1






  Spanish Plate Shadowbox Detail #2





 Frame design and execution by Brian D. Flax, CPF

 Images by kind permission of Asha Puri