Crescent Select Conservation Solids Mat Board

CRESCENT SELECT CONSERVATION SOLIDS describes a series of mat boards produced by Crescent Cardboard that we have been using in our frame shop for a few years now. This board is made from 100% purified alpha-cellulose fiber, where all the Lignin (acid-bearing structures) has been removed and the pulp is buffered. However, it meets all standards for conservation matting. It is a little stiffer than cotton rag mat board, but has a nice hard surface that you can apply decoration, marker and french lines to with no feathering. It is significantly less expensive than 100% cotton rag mat boards too.

Not only is the surface of the matboard the color you want, but the core and backing paper of the board is the same material or "solid" color. It allows you to use both sides of the matboard for the mat to be cut. Furthermore, you can also use these matboard blanks as backing boards. We've selected five of our most popular colors for you, colors that go with the great majority of items you'll be matting. Choose from Vivid White, White, Antique White, Cream and Deep Black. Vivid White is a very bright cool white that works great with digital photo papers. White is less bright, more normal in its intensity. Antique White leans a little more towards the yellow end of the whites, while Cream is, well, creamy looking. It is more of a yellow/tan mixture and very traditional. Deep Black is a nice, dark, solid black. It costs more than the other colors because of the required pigmentation. 

Also, we are offering single whole sheets 32 x 40, or cut single sheet equivalents. That is, you can get a full sheet or two pieces 20 x 32, as well as four pieces 14 x 18 or 16 x 20, 6 pieces 12 x 16 or 11 x 14 or 16 pieces 8 x 10, all for the same price! There's no cutting charge built into the cost and you don't have to buy the equivalent of 10 or 25 sheets at a time. Note: When ordering full 32 x 40 sheets, there are additional packing charges to insure that your board arrives undamaged. Most shippers like UPS or FedEx are very hard on large, flat packages.ALSO: UPS charges a "Large Package" charge when the second dimension of the package exceeds 30". You will pay a LOT more in shipping for full sheets and the shopping cart shipping charge will not reflect what you will actually be charged. If you are buying full, 32 x 40" sheets, may we suggest you purchase at least 10 sheets to make the shipping charges worthwhile?

Crescent Select Specifieer