November 20th, 2013

4th Quarter Chaos: Part Deux

We've got a raft of stuff to show you this month! Our shop has really been hopping and we are proud to show off the following work:

Marathon Man Steve

Elsewhere on our site, in the "Ideal Wall" section, we have another shadowbox of marathon medals that our client, Steve Hughes, brought in (you can also see them on our Facebook page: ) Here are some images of what it looks like:

Hughes Marathon 300 Shadowbox  Hughes Marathon 300 Detail 1







  Hughes Marathon 300 Detail 2



Hughes 300 Marathon Detail #3




 Steve had, as of this marathon, run 300 of them, an amazing feat in itself. I am in awe of that sort of physical stamina. My joints would never take the pounding......


The frame we used was a Nielsen Tribeca 18 x 24 black ready-made frame to keep the cost down. The mat is Crescent 1634 Fog Gray rag mat. This was done as a shadowbox, with mat boards the same color lining the inside of the box. The extra depth allowed us to surface mount the platformed medallions. The two large openings are actual segments of the T-shirt he wore during the marathon, which we dissected to fit these details into the frame.

Framing designed and executed by Julie Kotulak.

Photos by Brian Flax.

Images shown by kind permission of Steve Hughes.

Speaking of Marathon Runners.......

One of our clients had come in to have us mat her Katubah so that she could have it signed at her wedding and keep the document protected until it was time to frame it. A friend of hers, Alicia Rumchak, had come along with her. A publisher we know had just  brought in some posters for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon that was coming up in a week and Alicia, being a runner, saw the poster and decided to frame it along with what she hoped to bring back from the marathon: A participation medal and other memborabilia. Here is what we designed for her:

Rumchak BOA Marathon 2013 Shadowbox  Rumchak BOA Shadowbox Detail 1







Rumchak BOA Marathon Detail #2   Rumchak BOA Marathon Detail #3







Our shop manager, Dana, created a mat board platform that follows the shape of the draped medallion and ribbon. The runner's number bib was dry mounted onto a piece of red-core black Crescent Brite Core mat board CBR34921 and it has a riser behind it to give it a 3-D look. The Marathon comemorative poster is matted in the actual shadowbox base.

The frame used is a Larson-Juhl 210285 Black Tribeca Cap about 3/4" wide and an inch tall. The base shadowbox was made from Crescent 5579 Etched Black mat board. Glass is Conservation Clear (filters out 99% of harmful u/v rays).

The posters, incidentally, are in stock and still available for sale at $29.95. 

Frame designed and executed by Dana L. Fisher, CPF

Photos by Brian Flax

Images shown by kind permission of Alicia Rumchak.

Medals of A Different Kind

While one can only applaud the valiant physical efforts performed by the two preceeding runners, the efforts of the next client cannot be overstated. Dana, our shop manager, worked on a design for an elderly couple who had a group of WWII medals and decorations that they wanted shadowbox framed to pass onto their grandson. When I got a look at the medals, I saw that our client, Mr. Louis Valle, had served with distinction in Europe and saw a lot of action.


Dana worked up some wonderful mat board shapes to create small platform mounts for the medals that conformed to their shape. She even stripped the fabric off a piece of B4843 Bainbridge Wheatfield silk mat board and remounted it onto a solid-color (non-white) mat board to make the bevels less contrasting and harsh appearing. Great move! Here is the lovely composition she came up with:

Valle Medals Shadowbox   Valle Medals S/box Detail 1






  Valle Medals S/box Detail #2



Valle Medals S/box Detail 3




  Valle Medals S/box Detail 4










Valle Medal S/box Detail #5




 Valle Medals S/box Detail last






 The frame used was a Gemini 769. It is a scratched gold with black sides and a beaded inner edge. it is a deeper frame and works great for this sort of thing. Glass used was Anti-Reflective ArtGlass Water-White. It is nearly invisible and lets the 3D objects be seen without any glare. Overall size of the glass in the frame is 12 x 12". 

Frame was designed by Dana L. Fisher. Execution by Dana and Julie Kotulak.

Photos by Brian Flax

Images shown by kind permission of Mr. Louis S. Valle. 

Coming In December

Our client, Winston Conklin of McGuffin Creative Group, contacted us 2 years ago to create a deep shadowbox for BMO Harris Bank and United Center to house a timeline 3-D montage about 3 winning teams:  The Chicago Bulls, The Chicago Blackhawks, and BMO Harris Bank.  Since that time, the Hawks won another Stanley Cup. So, McGuffin Creative Group was asked to update the graphic to commemorate this achievement. We were asked to do the switchout. We will show you a few photos of the new graphic to be displayed back at United Center.

Also, our photographer pal / client, Jonathan Michael Johnson (photographer extraordinaire!) collaborated with us on a large, quick-turnaround project for an insurance firm in the Loop who had just moved into a new, ultra-modern office space and wanted to have us frame 13 large HDR photos by Jonathan and have them installed before an open house in late October. After installation by Dana, our shop manager, and JJ, he took some great photos of them. We will be posting some of them on Facebook shortly. Look for the whole album and story in our December blog.

And much more, so stay tuned. To paraphrase what they say at Nike:  "Just Frame It."

Thanks for looking at our blog and website this month!

Brian D. Flax, CPF, 

President, Flax Art & Frame Inc.

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