Wedding Memory Shadowbox

Wedding Memory Shadowbox

 While photo albums are traditional to preserve the visual memory of a wedding, one thing that is becoming more popular is a Wedding Collage frame. It is a wonderful way to keep together all the non-photographic ephemera that can be linked to the happy occasion (besides photos, of course). Here are a couple of images of one we did for the Nakayamas, designed by Dana:

Nakayama Wedding collage  Nakayama Wedding collage detail







 As you can see, the central item in the composition is the photo of the bridge and groom. The collage contains photos of before, during and after the wedding, invitations, stuff from the celebration, etc. The frame is a silver leafed wood frame and a blue shadowbox. Glass used is anti-reflective, which is important to help you see 3-D objects at varying levels without unpleasant and distracting glare. Many of the elements in the shadowbox have been mounted onto small platforms, while other items are surface mounted or a mat opening has been cut in the drop-in shadowbox. In Dana's case, she opted to make the mat openings out of more interesting shapes, not just boring rectangles. Frame size is about 24 x 24" square.

Designed and executed by Dana L. Fisher, CPF

Photos by Brian D. Flax, CPF

Images shown by kind permission of our client, Ed Nakayama