14th c. Vellum Framed Recto-Verso (2 sided frame)

Framing a 14th C. Vellum with a 2-Sided Frame

In framing lingo, when you frame something so that it can be viewed from the front and back of the frame, it is called framing in recto verso. Dana, our shop manager, was asked by her clients to show both sides of an original 14th c. vellum parchment book page. She created this frame job with an Engelsen 2588 Antique Gold carved frame that has a glass size of 7 3/8 x 10 1/2".The mat used was Artique 4823 Acorn and the glass, on both sides, is Artglass U/V WaterWhite anti-reflective (museum) glass. The glass on the back is held in place by means of a glued-in black acrylic spacer. The art is suspended between two identical mats. The back of the frame has been covered with black paper as well to cosmeticize the unfinished nature of the frame's back face. Check it out:

                             Front Face of Recto-Verso Frame



  Corner Detail of Front Face RV Frame  Rear of Recto-Verso Frame

Frame designed and executed by Dana L. Fisher, CPF

Images shown by kind permission of Monique Eckelmann