Edge-gripping hardware for hanging signage and panels

BSV Edge Gripper Application Photo

For office and retail environments, where you have signage or graphics that need to hang without picture frames on them, we have a hardware solution that is simple, elegant, flexible and easy to use. Shown above is one of many possible uses for this hardware. The hardware item is known as the BSV Edge Gripper. It is a machined  metal part that has a slot cut in it into which you can slide the edge of a panel to be hung. On the back of it is a set screw that will allow you to tighten it and lock it in the desired location on the vertical edge of your sign, graphic, panel, etc.

Typically, you will need two Left-handed BSV grippers and two Right-handed BSV grippers to accomodate most panels to be hung. There is enough room in the BSV gripper's slot to accomodate a piece of 1/8" acrylic, 3/16" foam board, a 1/16" piece of mat board and a sheet of paper. That adds up to about 3/8" that it will accomodate. The gripper that the cable slides through accomodates 3/64 or 1/16" thick cables (like those used on the CRE and CRJ Rail systems shown elsewhere on this website).

If you don't mind seeing excess cable dangling down below your signage, you can use this with existing Arakawa rails, rail clips and cables. If you want a cleaner look and do not want the panels to sway in the breeze or everytime someone walks by them, you can get a CRB1800-a or CRC1800-a rail to attach to the floor, bottom of the window sill or counter top. Using that and a BSR23VBRSET gripper/tensioner, you can anchor the end of the cable and pull it tight. That piece of hardware locks into the CRB rail and can slide left or right for vertical adjustent of the cables. Below are illustrations of the two pieces of hardware:

BSVR1 Edge Gripper Note that the cable enters the top of the gripper portion of the hardware. It has a screw-down, locking cover (shown) that covers the spring-loaded gripper tube. The cable emerges from the bottom of the hardware and continues on down the side of the panel to be hung. 

Note the set screw in the foreground for locking the panel into the gripper. 














 The left side grippers work in the same way as the right side grippers. We recommend two for each side of any panel larger than 5 x 7.

See pricing below. For pricing on cables, rails and rail clips, you can see the CRE and CRJ sections of the Arakawa pages.















Item Price Quantity
Item Price Quantity


When you have a flat panel or sign made of plexiglass, masonite, plywood, Sintra or other non-glass materials, you can also hang them by drilling a hole at each corner or along the top edge in 2 places and bolt on the SF31SSET Panel Hanger. This piece of hardware has a one-way gripper at the top for attachement to cables of 1/16" or heavier (3/32" diameter) and has a split at the bottom that will handle material up to 3/8" (11mm) thick. If you have a glass panel that has had the edges polished and you can order the glass drilled with two holes in it, there is a similar piece of hardware called the SF31SLET Panel Hanger. The primary difference between the two is that the one for glass is longer, reaches farther into the glass to prevent splitting at the edge and has a round plastic bushing that covers the bolt so that there is no metal on glass contact that may cause fracturing of the glass. Our guess is that most people will end up using the SF31SSET for the bulk of the applications they may have. Below are specifcations and pricing:

SF31SSET Panel Hanger


Note that there is a safety cap that screws down, at the top, where the cable gripper tube insertion point is. This prevents someone frome accidentally releasing the cable. 












Below is a photo of this hardware in use at a customer's store installation by one of our clients, Red Bird Sign Studio :

                  SF31SSET In Use

 Here are the specifications for the same hardware, but for use on glass:

                                        SF31SLSET Glass Hanger

Here is pricing for the two different top-edge panel hangers:

Item Price Quantity
Item Price Quantity