Marathon Man Shadowbox

One of our clients is an avid marathon runner who has completed a herculean number of marathons and been given medals for it. We designed a shadowbox frame for him in August to showcase them. Here is what it looks like:

Steve Hughes marathon Shadowbox Marathon coins mounts details






Marathon medallions details 






Alaska Marathon bib number







 All the items in the shadowbox are mounted on platforms, with some visible and some not. The circular ones were cut on our Wizard 9000 CMC (computerized mat cutter). The shadowbox is Crescent 1634 Fog Gray Rag Mat. The glass is True-Vu Conservation Clear ( u/v filtering) glass. The frame is a Larson 210285 Tribeca 3/4" wide matte black wood frame.

Hughes Shadowbox u.l. detail Hughes l.l. corner detail







Images shown by kind permission of Steve Hughes

Framing designed and executed by Julie Kotulak.