Golf Flag Hole-in-One Comemorative Shadowbox

One of our clients brought in a flag from a golf tournament at which one of the players (a client of theirs) sank a hole-in-one shot. To commemorate this moment, the special flag from that green was brought in for framing. Our shop manager, Dana, designed a really cool shadowbox frame for it:

                                            Hole in One Shadowbox Frame

Letter detail Hole in One shadowboxUpper left corner hole in one s/boxThe frame used was a Larson-Juhl Grammercy Black Cap #145790 with a silver edge (these colors would also work well for a Chicago White Sox sports collage or shadowbox).

The mat used was a Bainbridge 4283 River Rock glazed linen and the glass is Artglass AR anti-reflective glass from Omega Moulding. The triangular, square and letter mat holes were all cut by our Wizard 9000 Computerized Mat Cutter and done as a shadowbox. The letter "O" even has the elliptical middle element glued in place and supported by a black pedestal support.  Frame size is 29 x 30. Note the fully lined inner edges in the photo below:

Lower Left corner Hole in One S/box

The frame job was designed and executed by Dana Fisher, CPF.

Images shown by kind permission of J. Suminski at The Private Bank.