Lamy Writing Instruments and Refills

                                         Safari charcoal Ftn. Pen-Large Jpeg

Safari Yellow #318
Safari #216 Red gloss ballpoint pen

 #119 Gloss black .5mm pencil Safari

We have carried Lamy writing instruments and refills since 1968. From 1979-2007, we offered a wide range of fine pens and refills as part of our art supplies and framing mix. In 2007 we made a conscious decision to exit the art material and fine pen business to focus on our framing business.

But old habits die hard.

We have always loved the Lamy pen line. The business is, for the most part, still owned by the Lamy family in Heidelberg, Germany. They have remained true to their design ethic, which is the Bauhaus mantra: Form follows Function. Their quality has never varied and has, if nothing else, gotten better with time (and it was already darned good to start with). Lamy pens are very industrial looking, beautifully crafted, very comfortable to hold for extended periods of time and are, 

Shown first are the different colors and modes available in the Lamy Safari line, a line of pens that came out in 1981 and have remained a staple in their catalog of models for over 30 years. Safari is in the Museum of Modern Art and is, probably, the best selling Lamy model of all time. Originally offered in a military khaki green in a " Safari Casket" (picture two porters carrying a long, rectangular box on two poles through the African bush.....), it has evolved into a very rugged, every-day line of writing instruments. If you have never written with a fountain pen, treat yourself to one of these. Just the act of writing with one is enjoyable and relaxing, no matter what words emerge on the paper.

Why write with a fountain pen?

We know that people spend most of their time tapping on keyboards these days and spend virtually no time hand writing notes. What a shame. The fountain pen (or any writing instrument for that matter) forces you to organize your thoughts more carefully and put them down on paper in a more cohesive, proper manner. There are no backspace keys or delete buttons to push, so you actually have to think about what you are writing before you do it, unlike with computers and other electronic devices that accept typed words as fast you can spew them out, grammatically correct or not. A fountain pen is a luxury, a soothing and old-fashioned way to communicate. The impact with the note's recipient is (and I guarantee this) much greater than an email or text. We also sell a fair number of the Safari fountain pens to architects, who are constantly sketching drawings with thick and thin lines. You can do that with a fountain pen.

Suggestions for fountain pen owners:

  • Whether you use an ink cartridge or employe the optional fountain pen ink converter to fill  your pen with ink, always use fresh ink. Keeping really old ink or cartridges around is not good for your pen. As ink ages and dries out, it separates and thickens up, making its flow characteristics less reliable. Ink is cheap.

  • Never lend your fountain pen to another person. The way they write, the angle at which they hold the pen and how hard they press will be different from how you do it. Your pen will break itself in to the way you write.

  • When fillling your fountain pen from a bottle, make sure to immerse the nib past the breather hole at the base of the nib. The breather hole is where the ink enters the converter ink storage chamber.
  • Flush your fountain pen out with cool or lukewarm water before each ink refill. This removes lint and sediment that may build up on or in the ink feed of the nib (the writing tip of the pen). Thoroughly blot it dry before filling, or you will dilute the ink color with water trapped in the feed. Do this routinely and you will never have problems with your fountain pen (short of dropping it on its point).

Lamy Safari Writing Modes

All Lamy Safari writing instruments are available as fountain pens, ballpoint pens, rollerballl pens and .5mm mechanical pencils. Ballpoint pens have a button on the back end for retracting the refill, while rollerball pens have a cap just like a fountain pen that must be removed to write with the pen. Rollerball refills have a water-based, liquid ink that flows much like a fountain pen but with the convenience of a ballpoint. 


 Safari Charcoal Ftn. PenSafari Matte Charcoal

Safari Gloss Red Ftn. Pen Safari Gloss Red

Safari Gloss Black Ftn. PenSafari Gloss Black

Safari Gloss yellow fountain penSafari Gloss Yellow

Safari Gloss Blue Ftn. PenSafari Gloss Blue

Safarii Vista Ftn. PenSafari Vista (Clear)

Lamy T-10 Ink Cartridge  Lamy Z-18 Safari Erasers

Lamy Z-24 Ink converter   Lamy Pen Refills

Lamy M16 Ballpoint Refill

Lamy M63 rollerball refills