Fender Stratocaser Guitar in Gravity Groove Plexibox Frame

                                         Fender Stratocaster Gravity Groove ShadowboxGravity Groove Plexi Box side view

For guitar collectors or anyone who wishes to display a guitar of any sort, may we recommend our Gravity Groove frame? It consists of a picture frame base, covered with a panel of plexiglass of some sort. The panel leaves a groove all the way around, into which a plexi box is inserted and held in place by friction. It can be pinned in place with a screw or left so that you can access the guitar when desired.  It will hang horizontally or vertically (shown here horizontally, it is actually hanging vertically on our store wall). This guitar is held in place by two custom acrylic brackets that attach to the shoulder strap attachments (one on the bottom edge of the guitar, one on the top, left horn).

The panel behind the guitar shown here is known as Radial Acrylic. You can also order solid black or solid white acrylic, depending upon the desired contrast and net effect desired.

The acrylic plexi box shown here is actually deep enough for an acoustic guitar, but can be ordered to just about any depth beyond the amount needed to fit into the Gravity Groove. In fact, you can put just about any 3-D object in this box that you wish. It could be swords, flintock rifles, or any collection of objects for display, only limited by your imagination.

The guitar shown here is a Fender Stratocaster from Brian Flax's private collection. 

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