8 foot print in Platform Mount

Shachman 8 foot print of Venice

The above image was taken in Venice, Italy, by our framing client, David Shachman. Dave is an avid photographer and likes to shoot them BIG. This shot was platform mounted by our shop manager, Dana Fisher. She dry mounted the image onto a sheet of 4 ply matting and then put a foam board riser underneath it to elevate it and make it look like it is floating. The whole affair is mounted within a shadowbox about 8 feet long. This framed photo is on the living room wall of David's home. You can tell by the big Deardorf camera at right that photography is more than just a hobby.

Glazing of this piece is plexiglass (we cannot put glass on anything larger than 40 x 60 in size). The frame is a black, flat-top cap shadowbox moulding about 2" deep. The net effect is quite stunning.